Re: Models with parents and heterotic groups

From: Arthur <asremlforum_at_VSNI.CO.UK>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 00:18:41 +0100

Dear Chloe,

I am struggling to understand the coding.

I understand that you have progeny from crossing parents representing 2 heterotic groups. E.g.
HG1 has parents A B C
HG2 has parents D E F
and data has columns
Parent1 Parent2
  A E
  B E
  B F
  C D
  C F
However, you coding also has factors GRHet1 and GrHet 2
which I do not understand unless you either have moren than
2 heterotic groups and/or Parent1 and Parent2 refer to
male and female

so that the data looks like

FemP MaleP HGFem HGMale
 A D 1 2
D A 2 1
B D 1 2
B E 1 2
F B 2 1
F C 2 1

Then HGFem and(HGMale) FemP and(MaleP)

doesn't make sense because
HGFem and(HGMale) is always 1 1

 FemP and(MaleP) picks up the general combining (additive) effect
of the parents.

HGFem FemP and(MaleP)

would give n average effect for which HG was the amle parent.

So until I can understand the model better, and then what effects
need to be combined in the PREDICT statement, I can't help you.

Arthur Gilmour

Retired Principal Research Scientist (Biometrics)

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