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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 19:39:11 +0100

I have calculated the heritability of a trait from a half-sib design using the standard formula, the animal model using asreml in SPLUS and the "interactive version" of asreml. The first two agree but the second only gives me a value that is one half of what it should be. I cannot see where I am going wrong any help would be greatly appreciated.
Also, does anyone know how to calculate the SEs for heritabilities and genetic correlations in the SPLUS or R versions of asreml?
The as file is
Title Female GFirmus

      Animal !P # factor with associated pedigree file
      Sire !P # a factor, alphanumeric coding, unspecified number of levels
      Dam !P # a factor, alphanumeric coding, unspecified number of levels

DataPed.txt !ALPHA !MAKE !SKIP 1 # pedigree file with qualifiers, skip line 1 (headings), make new relationship matrix each time
FemaleData.txt !SKIP 1 !MAXIT 1000 # indicates data source, skip first line (headings)

TRAIT ~ mu !r Animal # Fixed effects followed by random effects
The Pin file is
F PhenVar 1 2 # Offspring plus residual becomes item 3
H AMherit 1 3 # Ratio of offspring to item 3

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