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Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 02:05:11 +0100

Dear Arthur:
I am sorry, I did not attach using the accepted extensions by the forum server. Now , I attach a compressed file "", it includes my data and job files. Basically, my job file "" is a copy and paste from the User's Guide. So, they should work, but here for the animal model it did not. To my relief, all the examples from the ASREML User's Guide worked perfect with exception of this chapter 15 last example on "animal model". The previous sire-dam model was great with lot of details, etc. I think this last example on animal model was not nicely described as the half-sib analysis example.

Another question: In line 25 of the attached "" file, is this correct?
at(Tr,1).dam, at(Tr,2).dam, -at(Tr,3).dam .003,
It seems odd to see "-at(Tr,3).dam"; also are the "comas" between model items correct, I thought we use the "," only at the end of line to indicate that the model continues in the next line.

I am new to scripting for ASReml, so my apologies if I am asking trivial questions.
Thank you very much for your help.

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