Re: nesting in two class reg.

From: shrinivas shamarao jahageerdar <jahageerdar_at_REDIFFMAIL.COM>
Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 10:54:01 -0000

Dear all,

I want know whether I can nest one effect within two different class effects. I have raised three families in one cement tank and these families belong to a stock. The family is nested within the stock and family is also nested within the tank. I have provided the sample data below. How to fit a model in AsReml? Also need the help for estimating the genetic correlation with single pair mating. Whether the correlations need to be estimated for two traits at a time or they can be estimated for several traits simulteniously.

 Ind !P
 Sire !P
 dam !P
 stock !alpha 3
 tank !alpha 10
 family ! alpha 30
Pedigree1.txt !ALPHA
wt ~ stock tank !r family ind

I thank all in advance for the help.

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