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Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 08:30:23 +1000

Have you tried !CYCLE and !JOIN?





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I'm a Spanish student at Universtiy of Lleida (; I've just finalized my PhD
in animal breeding.
I'm writing to you now because I've made good (=reasonable) progresses in
creating my models and assigning variance structures but there is a
practical issue that I cannot follow in the manual

Ruben Mata


How to run sequentially different models (=one after another) and get the
results in only one single (.asr) output? I have a dataset with different
genetic markers and would like to test significance for each single marker
(fixed term) by keeping the same model structure. This is what I tried:


1. In command line I've typed ASReml



                 ASReml what I want but produces different


2. In job control line: !DOPATH and specify only one single !PATH (=marker)
at the same it possible (how) to concatenate PATH1 + PATH2..+PATHN
with each path containing the model for each marker?


But I didn't have any progresses with any of these attempts


I'd appreciate your thoughs on what I'm trying (silly?) to do. Thanks a lot
for any type of help. Again, thanks


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