how to change convergence criteria

From: ahu <asremlforum_at_VSNI.CO.UK>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 13:09:27 +0000

Dear all,

I'm having some problems getting convergence of models. LogL does not change for the last 1000 (!) iterations and there are (apparently) no changes in variance component estimates either (% change are all 0), but yet the model does not converge. I suppose this is due to a very flat likelihood profile so that the model can't find a optimum that satisfies a change in the REML LogL of 0.002*current iteration number and for the individual variance parameter estimates to change less than 1%.
Would it make sense to change these criteria to obtain convergence and how would one code asreml to change these (i.e. one or both the LogL and the var comp change)?

Thanks in advance,

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