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Dear Ian,


Consider threshold model with single random effect plus error.
On underlying scale, total variance is say B + W and intraclass
correlation is B/(B + W).

Let R = B/W. Total variance is W(1+R) and correlation is R/(1+R). For
probit W = 1, for logit W = pi^2/3, etc.

In asreml output, the same number appears in variance ratio and
component columns. Is this R or B = RW ?

The variance component for the random factor is B.
The 'residual variance' under the GLMM model is actually as dispersion
factor in the sense that it is
a scaling multiplier applied to the glm variance/weight. It can be
'floated' to the variance of the working variable with !DISP
or fixed to a set value (say 0.9) with !DISP 0.9

Some examples have been drafted for the ASReml 3 User Guide.

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