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Dear Devori,

Are there any instances, say for a general case, in which a trivariate
analysis where one is binomial (underlying scale) can be fit?
I ran two bivariate analyses, each fit a binomial trait (Trait 1) and one
of two continuous traits (Trait 2 or Trait 3), and then fit a trivariate
model (Trait 1, Trait 2, and Trait3) with constrained covariances. Results
from the pair of bivariate analyses compared to the trivariate were the
same. My question is, since the same results were produced when the
covariances were constrained, will the results from the trivariate model
be meaningful when allowing estimation of those covariances?

Although my answer to Hooi Ling last week said this analysis was
restricted to 1 binary and 1 normal trait,
on reflection I believe it should handle 1 binary (underlying scale) and
several normal. Your experience
supports that, although Ihave never run the trivariate version. I believe
it should work.

If you try and get into trouble, I am happy to look closer.

May Jesus Christ be gracious to you in 2008,

Arthur Gilmour, His servant .
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