REML models for Double censored data

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Dear ASREMLers,

A colleague of mine has developed a method to fit a normal linear mixed
model with doubly censored data, that is some of data are recorded as less
than some value and some are recorded as greater than some value. An
example could be analytical results obtained via an instrument having
lower and upper analytical thresholds. The thresholds need not be the
same for each observation but must be independent of the (un)observed
The method developed allows for an unlimited number of uncorrelated random
terms in the model and can include spline models.
In order to prepare a manuscript detailing the method it would be useful
to have an interesting real data example to include.
This email is a search for such a data set. That is, the data must
include doubly censored data fitting the above model requirements
(including more than one non-residual random term) and be available for
inclusion in a manuscript. What would also be useful is knowing how the
data was originally analysed.
Please direct all replies to this request to Remy van de Ven (Email:

May Jesus Christ be gracious to you in 2008,

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