how do I predict across regions and deal with aliasing and nesting in ASREML-R?

From: Scott Chapman <Scott.Chapman_at_CSIRO.AU>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 16:22:58 +1000

On the bottom of page 65 of the ASREML-R manual (release 2.0, Feb 2007),
there is this text:
"The present argument enables the construction of means by averaging
only the estimable cells of the hyper-table. It is reguarly used for
nested factors, for example locations nested in regions."
Unfortunately, there is no example....
I have some across region analyses of crop genotype (G) data with BLUEs
and weights as input. I wish to estimate the hyper-table of Region x
 Has anyone got some examples of models/predictions using the present
argument to do this? Whatever model I use in ASREML-R I usually end up
with 'aliasing' and therefore a set of NAs for my predictions. I can
override the aliasing, but am afraid that I might be overfitting in any
case.... Some of the models I've tried are:
Fixed = Env, random = ~ G + Reg:G + Reg:Env:G
Fixed = Env, random = ~ corh(Reg):G
Fixed = Env, random = ~ diag(Reg):G + diag(Env):G Am not sure if this
one is legit - am assuming that the regional interaction will be taken
out first... Unless there is some way to nest it within regions...?

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