Re: multivariate genetic analysis using SPLUS asreml

From: Jarrod Hadfield <J.Hadfield_at_ED.AC.UK>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 18:44:15 +0100


The main problem is perhaps the single intercept for the bivariate
response (replace "~1" with "trait"). I think this should solve the
problem, although it may still be necessary to rescale if the traits
have v.high or v.low variances on their natural scale.

Also, the appropriate G structure for Dam and Cage are probably
multivariate (replace Dam with us(trait):Dam):

HS.asr <- asreml(cbind(TRAIT1,TRAIT2)~trait,
                   random=~us(trait):ped(Animal)+ us(trait):Dam + us
                   ginverse=list(Animal=AINV), data=Data)


On 17 Oct 2007, at 18:14, Derek Roff wrote:

> HS.asr <- asreml(cbind(TRAIT1,TRAIT2)~1,
> random=~us(trait):ped(Animal)+ Dam + Cage,
> rcov=~units:us(trait),
> ginverse=list(Animal=AINV), data=Data)
Received on Sun Oct 17 2007 - 18:44:15 EST

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