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From: Anne Winkelman <awinkelman_at_LIC.CO.NZ>
Date: Wed Apr 5 15:57:29

Dear Arthur,

Thanks for your quick response.

In answer to your questions/suggestions.

1. The version we are using is: ASReml 1.99a [01 Aug 2005]
It says: This Beta version is valid for 9 months from 01 Aug 2005

2. The variables were coded as you indicated:
 animal !P # variable 1
 cow !I 6018 # variable 2

3. There are not several animals per cow simply because we don't have
repeated records for cows in this particular data set. However I am doing
the analysis with a view to extending the procedure to cases in which we do
have multiple records per animal.

4. The use of !PRESENT did not appear to improve the estimates (they are
all still zero).

5. Using a smaller number of cows did not improve the estimates either.

The reason I wanted the standard error of prediction of the sum of the
animal and cow effects was to calculate reliabilities of the production
value, which is the sum of the animal (genetic) and cow (permanent
environmental) effects. I was hoping that the estimate would include the
diagonal elements of the two effects and off-diagonal elements associated
with the two effects from the inverse of the mme. Perhaps this is asking
too much of the software?


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Dear Anne,


I am trying to use the predict statement to obtain predictions of the cow
(i.e. permanent environment) + animal genetic effects (I am interested in
the standard error of prediction of this sum).

The model and predict statements are as follows:

fyld ~ pfrn pjer agelin agequad,
 !r animal 0.7 cow 0.8 !f cgroup mv
predict cow 1:850 !ONLYUSE animal cow

However, the .pvs file has only zeros for the predicted value and the
associated standard errors:

 cow Predicted_Value Standard_Error Ecode
      7788125 *************** 0.0000 E
      7788133 0.0000 0.0000 E
      9171656 0.0000 0.0000 E
      9308154 0.0000 0.0000 E
      9467290 0.0000 0.0000 E
      9477086 0.0000 0.0000 E

Does anyone have any idea as to what is going wrong? Is it not possible
obtain predictions of random effects?

1. Predictions of random effects are possible

2. Something has obviuosly gone wrong - depending on which version you
are using,
the problem may have been fixed in a later beta version. Else if this is
in a recent
beta version, I would like a chance to diagnose the problem properly.

3. It is unclear what this prediction will do but it is probably not what
you seem to want -
   i.e. sum of animal and cow effects. How are these things coded? I

   animal !P
   cow !I

In any case ASReml will not know how to associate the two effects.
Presumably there are
several animals per cow? You may be able to get what you want using
I would start of with a smaller set of cows to predict.

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I thank God for His mercy through Jesus Christ.

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