Re: G*E in animal model

From: Julius van der Werf <julius.vanderwerf_at_UNE.EDU.AU>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 13:30:37 +1000


we did a course in 2003 where the linear mixed model structure was mirrored
against how to tell ASREML.
esp. useful for beginners/animal breeders (maternal/multiple traits etc)


maybe this helps


At 11:05 AM 7/20/2005 +1000, you wrote:
>Dear ASREMLers
>I have a general and a specific query. Generally, I have enormous trouble
>designing the G and R structure lines of my ASREML jobs. Unfortunately I am
>just not well enough schooled in thinking about these problems, but I find
>I have to really bang my head agains the wall to figure out how to design
>these bits of my jobs. Apart from teh AREML help, Asreml cookbook and
>various web nortes from workshops, does anyone know of a good starting
>place to learn about how to set these things up properly, from first
>More specifically the problem I have been grappling with for the last while
>is how to test for G*E interactions in a univariate animal model. I have
>the animal model going fine, as per the below .as file, but I cannot fit
>the Anim.ENV term. Does one specify Anim.ENV as a random effect, or is
>there another way of doing it. Irrespective, if anyone has any insights on
>how to specify the G and R structure lines in the job file, they would be
>much appreciated.
>Many thnaks,
>Single Trait Animal Model
> Anim * !P
> Sire * !P
> Dam * !P
> SEX !A 2
> ENV 2
>am_tfd.txt !SKIP1 !ALPHA !MAKE #pedigree file
>am_tfd.txt !SKIP1
>CE_PN ~ mu ENV !r Anim
>0 0 1
>Anim 1
>0 0 AINV
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