Creating Multivariates
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Creating Multivariates

I have a file in which I have 1 trait (DBH) for two different sets of 
hybrids - I came up with some code which I thought would create two 
variates (DBHPOOC & DBHPTEC) for the two sorts of hybrids (PTEC & POOC) to 
eventually run a bivariate model

Title Line: PCH x POOC & PTEC QFRI Trial 690 Site WS 5 yo
 HYBRID 2 !A  # Two levels, alphabetic Coding: PTEC & POOC
 MUM 12
 DAD 12
 ...                                                                      # 
and a few others I've dropped
 WF HT DBH VOL LN ST D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7  # Traits
 NOTRUNT !V21=V10 !>$A  !D 0                           # Drops records with 
DBH < input DBH limit
 DBHPOOC !V22=V1 !==1 !*V10 !M 0                   # Create DBH for POOC 
i.e. HYBRID level 1
 DBHPTEC !V23=V1 !==2 !*V10 !M 0                     # Create DBH for PTEC
Q690WS.DAT !skip 1   # Data file name, skip first record
# fit model

Now this seems to work fine for DBHPOOC but when I try to run for DBHPTEC  
 it thinks there are no records.  If I dont make zeroes missing then the 
number of zeroes for DBHPTEC & DBHPOOC indicates that it seems to be 
picking up the right records for each hybrid type.  Even wierder, if I 
reverse the order of creation of DBHPOOC & DBHPTEC and run for DBHPTEC, 
then it runs but it is clearly using the DBHPOOC data!