Tree model query.
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Tree model query.

Dear ASREMLers.

As I am in UK, I won't see my email during the week.
#I'll be talking of ASREML at COMPSTAT in Bristol this week.

Concerning the  query about the model for 100,000 trees \9was it 20,000)
I do not have the details with me but some comments are\:

In the model specification,  uust use   !P   not    -1 !P

Also, just specify it on the tree fctor,

specify group as
  group 14

female as

  female 201 !I

model referred to 'fam' ; probably should have been 'fem'

If I understood the pedigree, it was stricly a nested maternal half sib model,
so it is easier just to fit as such

    y ~ nu block  group group.loc !r fem loc.fem

I trust this gets you gong.