LSM problem
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LSM problem

Dear Arther,

I am confused when I use ASREML to get LSM of gfw in different fly scores.
The line and year also have significent effect on the gfw. I got different
LSM of gfw when I put different fixed effects in the model. The details are
as the following table.
Models				gfw LSM in different fly scores
				0	1	2	3	4
gfw ~ mu fly			2.44	2.52	2.09	2.35	2.40
gfw ~ mu line fly		2.10	2.11	1.72	2.01	2.01
gfw ~ mu year line fly	1.92	1.54	1.79	1.97	1.71

I wonder why the gfw LSMs in different fly scores change so greatly. Are
they normal or not?