RE:Unreplicated analysis
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RE:Unreplicated analysis

Dear All
	Assume we have an unreplicated trial with repeated checks. Now,
for the analysis of such a trial i believe that the estimate of 'error'
comes (or should) come from an ANOVA on the check plots. However, I have a
suspicion that the error estimate is from an ANOVA on the checks and

The problem with the latter approach is that typically in unreplicated
trials check plots will usually have a smaller variance than the random
genotypes. Hence if we run an ANOVA on checks and geno's in order to
estimate the error component for our trial it may be poorly (over or
underestimated) estimated .

Is there a way in ASREML to just get the estimate of the error variance
solely from an ANOVA on the checks when we fit a spatial model to our
data    Yield ~ mu c(checks) !r genotypes ? 

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards


Vince Matassa 
Department Of Agriculture
University Of Queensland 
Brisbane 4072