fitting random regressions
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fitting random regressions


I'm interested into analysing repeated measurements of a progeny test
using a random regression model, with a econd order polynomial. The data
structure in the data file is:

tree mother father block age height
301    1      0      1      1   0.6
301    1      0      1      2   0.9
301    1      0      1      4   1.5
301    1      0      1      6   2.6
302    2      0      1      1   0.5

Reading the data would be:

Fitting random regression
 tree    !P
 mother 198
 father   1
 block   10
 age    height

I haven't manage how to specify the model for including the tree and
block effect as random using a random regression with a second order
polynomial.  From reading the manual I've got the impression I should
use !ASMV for specifying a multivariate analysis with univariate data
presentation and unit for fitting the error. I've tried several
approaches for the analysis but with no success.  I would appreciate
very much any suggestions or comments about the coding for the analysis.

Thanks in advance,

Luis Apiolaza
Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences
Massey University
Palmerston North
New Zealand