PIN files
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PIN files

Dear ASREML users,

Sometimes the coding in a .PIN file, to get out a difference between 
a pair of means and its standard error, can  be quite long(if there 
are many levels of a factor. Is there any way of using abreviated 
code, eg 1...n or 1:n? I  can't see how this can  be done from 
Chapter 5 of the manual. Also .PIN files don't seem to accept more 
than 1 line of code. 

The PIN file below determines the mean for the 2nd level of N in a  
3(levels of N)*4(levels of S) factorial.

Nlev2 20 18 14*0.25 15*0.25 16*0.25  6*0.25 7*0.25 8*0.25

Is it possible to write an abbreviated version of this.