ASREML upgrade
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ASREML upgrade

Dear ASREML users,

I have just uploaded another version of ASREML.

This includes two new model functions
  and(FACT,wt)  for adding a weighted design matrix to
                an existing design matrix
  uni(FACT,lvl)  for generating an error factor for a
          when FACT has level lvl

Internal  changes extend the complexity permitted in G structures.
Please let me know if something no longer works as it did.

Arthur Gilmour PhD                           email:
Senior Research Scientist (Biometrics)                 fax: <61> 2 6391 3899
NSW Agriculture                             telephone work: <61> 2 6391 3815
Orange Agricultural Institute                         home: <61> 2 6362 0046
Forest Rd, ORANGE, 2800, AUSTRALIA         

ASREML is currently free by anonymous ftp from pub/aar on
Point your web browser at **NOTE CHANGE**
in the IACR-Rothamsted information system 

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