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Dear Leigh,
> Fellow ASREML users,
> I have a data set for a RBD with 5 levels of lime as treatment and 4 
> blocks. When I analyse this using ANOVA  or REML I get the same RMS 
> and Log Likelihood whether I consider the  treatments as discrete or 
> continuous(ie use orthogonal polynomials( OPs))(as you'd expect)..
> When I fit the model using ASREML, the RMS  is 6% lower than that 
> from  ANOVA or REML. LogL is reduced by 10% when treatment is fitted as 
> discrete levels, and increased by 1% when treatment is fitted as  OP's. 

You have me intrigued.  The RMS should not be different.
The LogL could be different bacause it can change with changes in the
actual structure of the design (X) matrix.

Are you talking about the Genstat ANOVA and REML? or something
else.  I would need to look at your job to see if 'you have made
any mistakes'.  Are the degrees of freedom the same?