Continuous variables in 3 dimensions
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Continuous variables in 3 dimensions

Dear All
I have had several situations recently where I am interested in analysing a dependent variable (D) and two independent varaibles (I1 and I2) in the same model, all three being continuous, normally distributed etc.
D = a + b(I1) + c(I2) + ........
The plot of this relationship is of course three dimensional and a flat surface.
If I suspect that the response surface is not flat:
a) Has anyone got any ideas for a left hand side that could explore the curvature of the response surface?
b) Has anyone got any good software for plotting such a surface in 3D.
My 'simple' solution is to divide each independent variable into a number of classes and then estimate the interaction least-squares means for each sub-class. These can be plotted. However, this seems rather a 'cop out' way of solving the problem.
Any ideas please?
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