ASREML License
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ASREML License

Dear Friends,

If you have run ASREML since 1 January, you will find it indicating
that its use without a license is illegal.

Commercialization of ASREML is taking longer than expected so
we can not yet sell it to you.

Despite the message, you may legally use it until 31st March 2001.

You have three options:
1)  Ignore the message until we release the commercial version.
2)  Update your version: I will update the bbsrc site with a new version
    tomorrow which will reflect that new date.

3)  Alternatively, if you are using a PC and send me the disk
    VOLUME_SERIAL_NUMBER, I can send a license file. 
    You find it by typing  VOL  at the MSDOS prompt.
    For Unix machines I need the HOSTID
Option 1 and 2 are preferred.

We have put a lot of work into a new manual which will become
available with the commercial release.

At this stage I cannot even give a price other than 75% of the
price of Genstat for non-Genstat users, and a nominal value
for licensed Genstat users.  

I apologise for any inconvenience.
I wish you all God's blessing through Jesus Christ in 2001.

Arthur Gilmour PhD        
Principal Research Scientist (Biometrics)            fax: <61> 2 6391 3899
NSW Agriculture                                           <61> 2 6391 3922
Orange Agricultural Institute             telephone work: <61> 2 6391 3815
Forest Rd, ORANGE, 2800, AUSTRALIA                  home: <61> 2 6362 0046

ASREML is still free by anonymous ftp from pub/aar on
    or point your web browser at 

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