Re: exists("dos")
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Re: exists("dos")


Im running ASReml in Splus, but I found this message error:

Linear model:  y~v
Error in asr("y~v", DS1): couldn't find function "existsFunction"

Checking the ASR.S file in lines 111 and 168 the are following sentences 

#	if(exists("dos",mode=function))    # This form for Splus 4.3
I changed the last sentence in both lines  by

and the program run.

Im not sure if this correction is rigth at all. Do you know?



The problem relates to different versions of Splus. [4.3, 4.5
use one form, 5.00 and I think 2000 use another form]

So if it now works for you, you have done the right thing.


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