Re: Combining desigh variables
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Re: Combining desigh variables

Dear Mick,
You are on the right track.

Say you have 2 factors
  Sireallele 50
  Damallele 50
  defined so that sire allele i is the same allele as dam allele i
  then using     Sireallele and(Damallele)    in the model statement
  adds the 50 columns of the design matrix for Damallele to the 50 columns
  of the design matrix for Sireallele
  Hence you get only one solution for each allele regardles of its
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> Suppose we have a pair of alleles (or haplotypes) inherited from sire and dam
> respectively, and we wish to fit the allele value as a level of a factor 
> it comes from sire or dam. So allele 'A' is fitted as a single level 'A' in 
> model no matter where 'A' comes from. Do we use the and() command to make two
> factors into one? How would it be specified? Or am I missing something obvious
> (more probably). This must arise in analysis of diallel cross data so I 
> there is a way to do it.
> Thanks in advance
> mick carrick

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