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RE: asreml/repeatability

Appreciate some quick advice.

I will be repeat measuring from each of six farms, who have used some common
sires, 250 ewe hoggets, who will cull down in future to become 130 2Ts, 100
4Ts, 90 6Ts. Therefore I will have measurements of fibre diameter, curvature
and predicted bulk (from FD and curvature) for 1500 hoggets, 780 2Ts, 600
4Ts, 540 6Ts. I wish to estimate the repeatability of the measurements and
genetic correlations of the measurements (from linked sires). 

Could you tell me the formula for the s.e. of repeatability and genetic
correlations, in the context of determining if this are enough animals or
whether the number can be reduced to save testing cost. Better still would
be some formula or a basic program which takes as input the number of sheep,
expected variances of trait, correlations of traits and cost of measuring
traits and outputs cost versus precision of repeatability and correlation

David Cottle

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Dear Heinrich.

A simple trap for beginners.
When the variogram appears hit Esc, Enter or Click the Mouse.
Do not kill (close) the graphics window as this kills ASREML 
before it has closed the output files.

I'm sure you will find ASREML useful but there are many issues
to face so do not hesitate to ask if you would like some feedback
on the models you are fitting.


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> Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 15:12:34 +0100
> Subject: asreml
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> Dear Dr. Arthur Gilmour,
> From time to time we have to deal with unreplicated trials. 
> Therefore, we used some time ago among others (Schwarzbach's 
> ANOFT) your old programme TwoD for the analyses. Now we 
> realized that a new programme, ASREML, with much more 
> possibilities was written by you and colleagues. We tried to 
> download and install this programme by anonymous ftp, however, 
> we have some problems: ASREML runs on our pc, produces 
> wonderful variograms, but there is no output. The *.asr file is 
> empty, the *.sln file is incomplete, etc.
> So, we want to a ask you, if there is something special to be aware 
> of when downloading and installing asrwin.exe or something else 
> which might cause our empty output files.
> Yours sincerely
> Heinrich Grausgruber & Johann Vollmann
> Dr. Heinrich Grausgruber
> University of Agricultural Sciences
> Dept. Plant Breeding
> Gregor Mendel Str. 33
> A-1180 Vienna, Austria
> Fax: +43 1 47654 3342
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