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Dear ASREML-users,

At our organisation, SkogForsk, we are working with forest tree breeding. We
have started to think of using ASREML for specific purposes in our breeding
evaluation. However, we are uncertain whether this analysis is possible to
perform in ASREML. We want to do the following ;

Estimate genetic correlations across trials where we have the same genetic
entries replicated, i.e. we have replicated progeny trials where
measurements are done on trees belonging to the same families but growing in
different environments. So far we have understood that this is not a problem
with ASREML. The problem arises from the special "tree case". Our families
are in many cases fullsib-families from a partial diallel mating design and
consequently we want to include dominance effects in the statistical model.
Is this possible to do in ASREML ?

Grateful for replies

	Björn Hannrup

SkogForsk, The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden

Björn Hannrup, Dr (Forestry)
phone: +46 18 18 85 39, fax: +46 18 18 86 00

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