Re: Variance estimates
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Re: Variance estimates

What type of model are you trying to fit?  Can you be clearer?

The .as file  doesn't make too much sense. The model statement suggests that 
sires and animals are cross-classified.  I can not think of a reason why you 
have sire in the model as well as animal.

> rib ~ mu wt wt.wt cg cg.wt cg.wt.wt n2 n2.wt n2.wt.wt,
>   br br.wt br.wt.wt !r he he.wt s s.wt an an.wt 

I would suggest that you start with the simple repeatability model: create a second animal code for the permanent environment effect and have the random effects of herd, animal and permanent environment.  Then expand with the associated interactions with weight.  Also, you need to create a pedigree file to account for the genetic relationships.

I think with a more correct model, things should behave.


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