Re: ASREML with Digital or f77 compilers
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Re: ASREML with Digital or f77 compilers

Dear Dan,

I know peolple have had success on Linus using g77 and starting from
the Unix version of the code.  I will distribute your request
to the discussion group and some might respond directly to you.

There may be 1 or 2 small bugs which should be obvious to fix
(I now use f90 and f95 compilers but the code is still f77 if
you use the ainoplot.f subroutine.)

I presume you have used what is in the INSTALL.TXT file.
The source code in asrsrc.tar.Z  with a few minir changes to
the makefile (documented at the top) should be just about right
for g77.

If malloc is not available, hard code the dimension of X

If you still have trouble, email the messages and I'll see what I can do.


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> Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 13:46:21 -0600
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> Subject: ASREML with Digital or f77 compilers
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> Dr. Gilmour:
> I am attempting to compile ASREML using either the Digital compiler 
> for Windows NT 4.0, or the GNU g77 compiler for linux.  Thus far, I 
> have not been successful with either.  Might you know someone who has 
> successfully used ASREML with either of those compilers?  If so, 
> would you be willing to share their names and e-mail addresses so 
> that I might be able to view their makefiles and copies of 
>, etc.
> I might add that I successfully installed and used ASREML for 
> Windows, but I am working with larger populations than allowed 
> without recompilation.
> Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide,
> Dan Moser
> Dan W. Moser                  Dept. of Animal Sciences and Industry
> Assistant Professor           Kansas State University
>                (785) 532-2459

Arthur Gilmour PhD          
Senior Research Scientist (Biometrics)                 fax: <61> 2 6391 3899
NSW Agriculture                                             <61> 2 6391 3922
Orange Agricultural Institute               telephone work: <61> 2 6391 3815
Forest Rd, ORANGE, 2800, AUSTRALIA                    home: <61> 2 6362 0046

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