Re: ASREML and Y2K compliant
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Re: ASREML and Y2K compliant

>      Dear Arthur
>      I am trying to fill out the Y2K compliance thing the department is 
>      requesting to be done.  My question is, Is ASREML Y2K compliant?  What 
>      do you think?
>      Regards 
>      Paul

Dear Paul,
The latest copy of the manual contains the following information.

\subsubsection{Year 2000 compliance}

\AAR\ is a Fortran program which should continue to work in the 21st Century.

Dates impact on \AAR\ in two ways.
Firstly, \AAR\ reports the date of the run.  
This is purely for documenting the output.
Some Fortran implementations do not have a convenient date function
in which case the date field is left blank or given some arbitrary text
such as {\tt *UNSET*}.  If compiled on a compiler which is not compliant,
the reported date will be wrong.  This has no impact on the operation
of the program.

\AAR\ has a transformation to convert dates to Julian days.
The valid formats are: {\sl ddmmccyy}, {\sl ccyymmdd}, {\sl ccyyddd} which
explicitly set the century,\\
 {\sl ddmmyy}, {\sl yymmdd}, {\sl yyddd} which assume {\sl cc} is 19
if {\sl yy} $>= 50$ and 20 otherwise,\\
 {\sl ddmm} which will assume {\sl ccyy} is 1950.

No specific account is taken of leap years.  The julian date calculated is
{\sl  ((cc-19)*100+yy)*365.25 + dd}.

Therefore \AAR\ is strictly not fully Y2K compliant but I its operation
will in no way be affected by the change of the millenium.

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