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Re: Too big

Dear Javier,

The -s option depends on there being enough free disk space
to form the requested virtual memory.  If you look at the second
line of the .asr file, you will see how much memory ASREML
actually claimed as work area.  

For -s6 it should be 288 Mbyte.

If you are running on a small machine with hardly any free disk space,
the only solution is get a bigger machine.   Cleaning up your disk space
would help.  If you have already run lots of ASREML jobs on large
data sets, the disk may be full of large ASREML output files
(particularly .sln files).  You really only need to keep
the .as and .rsv files [maybe .asr] and you can then
easily regenerate the rest. 

Your job does not sound too big unless you also have 10,000 s of records and
1000's of random effects as well.

You may be able to use the !DENSE qualifier or rearrange
the terms in the model so that more of the fixed effects
are solved in the SPARSE part of the model.

NB If the physical memory is small (say 16Mbyte) and you claim
a lot of hard disk as virtual memory to me able to run the job,
it will run slowly because it will be paging memory most of the time.

I trust this helps


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> Hi everyone:
> I am trying to work with the ASREML  PC version. I have a model with
> more than 400 levels for fixed effects and the program give me the
> next message:
> Too BIG! Use -s option.
> I have used -s6 option and the message is the same. 
> Could somebody help me?
> Thank you very much.
> --
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