Symmetric covariances in asreml
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Symmetric covariances in asreml

I am trying to verify results from a couple of packages.  How do I force 
asreml to provide symmetric covariances?

I have a bi-variate model and I want to estimate the genetic and environmental 
covariances between them. I am fitting same model to both.

 As I currently have it, it is asymmetric and have not yet managed to get the 
constraints to work.

What is the correct way of doing this?

The end of my .as file is as follows (if wrong please let me know):

w1 w2  ~ Trait Tr.breed Tr.year Tr.aod  !r Tr.tag
1 2 1
Trait 0 US 1.58627 1.66052 2.5862695
Tr.tag 2
Trait 0 US 1.21555 1.49222 2.3654478
tag 0 0

Thanks Bruce

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