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Re: Getting help - Forestry example

Dear Carlos
Welcome to the ASREML list.

I trust you have access to someone with a good understanding wwith which
to discuss these things.  It is usually quite hard doing it alone.

Let me assume you have arranged your data with 3750 records and 4 columns
we will label   Set Fam Rep DBH
 where DBH is the response and Set contains numbers 1:10, Fam contains 1:250
 and Rep contains 1:15
 I'll assume no missing values.
 Your real file may have many more columns and have them in any order.
 The basic ASREML job would be
 Carlos trial - First run
   Set 10
   Fam 250
   Rep 15
 DBH ~ mu !r Set Fam Rep.Set
 However, I am confused by this model as to the actual layout.
 You say single tree plots.  I presume the Replicates are laid out as blocks
 and that the 250 families are randomised within Reps.  Therefore
 I would expect to include Rep also in the model because Rep.Set
 is an error term not meant to take out blocking effects.
 Anyway.  Once you have gone this far, you could consider fitting
 a spatial error term to e, fitting trends to remove spatial effects,
 or blocks (spatial modelling preferred by us).
 Or moving in another direction, look at multivariate analysis.
 However, have a good read of the manual.  It is pointless me trying
 to abbreviate what is already there.
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> My name is  Carlos. Im from Argentina and Im working in 
> forestry. 
> At  the moment Im in Spain and I would like to join the 
> discussion grouplist. 
> Im  trying to use Asreml in progeny trials  in order 
> to rank genotypes  but Ihavent enough experience. Id like  to 
> get  the  Asreml linear model for an open pollinated progeny 
> trial planted according to the following  model:
> y = mu +  Set + Set*Rep + Fam(Set) + e
>  where: Set=provenances (random)
>  Fam=families (random) 
> Families are nested within sets. 
> I need components of variances for  this model in order to calculate
> heretability,  gain  and rank families.
> I have 250 families in  a single tree plot design with 15 
> replications. There are 10 sets with 25 families each. The total
> number of trees is 3750. 
> Thanks.
> I am looking forward to your reply.
> --
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